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Search Engine Optimization is the most strategic way to generate real organic traffic to your site and boost your sales. Targeted traffic is the people, to whom you actually want to gather with your site. The most powerful system to reach them is SEO. Organic SEO make your site in better position of Search Engines listing in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Clients who want's your service and search google or any other site, easily can find your landing page, if it's optimized with white-hat SEO policy.

Terrestrial IT will increase the search engine rank and website traffic of any company. The experience offered by its technical and copywriting workers allows SEO Techniques  to with success meet the wants of firms with advanced websites in competitive industries.

SEO Pricing

BDT 20000 Per MonthBDT 35000 Per MonthBDT 60000 Per MonthBDT 85000 Per Month
Content Duplicacy CheckContent Duplicacy CheckContent Duplicacy CheckContent Duplicacy Check
Backlinks analysisBacklinks analysisBacklinks analysisBacklinks analysis
Usability CheckUsability CheckUsability CheckUsability Check
Competition AnalysisCompetition AnalysisCompetition AnalysisCompetition Analysis
Keyword ResearchKeyword ResearchKeyword ResearchKeyword Research
Keywords plan 15Keywords plan 20Keywords plan 30Keywords plan 45
Title & Meta Tags OptimizationTitle & Meta Tags OptimizationTitle & Meta Tags OptimizationTitle & Meta Tags Optimization
Content OptimizationContent OptimizationContent OptimizationContent Optimization
5 Content Writing8 Content Writing14 Content Writing20 Content Writing
Google Plus Page SetupGoogle Plus Page SetupGoogle Plus Page SetupGoogle Plus Page Setup
Facebook Page SetupFacebook Page SetupFacebook Page SetupFacebook Page Setup
Twitter Account CreationTwitter Account CreationTwitter Account CreationTwitter Account Creation
8 Social Media Posting15 Social Media Posting25 Social Media Posting45 Social Media Posting
Google My Business ListingGoogle My Business ListingGoogle My Business ListingGoogle My Business Listing
40 USD Google AdWords65 USD Google AdWords130 USD Google AdWords200 USD Google AdWords
40 USD Facebook Ad 65 USD Facebook Ad 130 USD Facebook Ad 200 USD Facebook Ad
SEO ReportsSEO ReportsSEO ReportsSEO Reports

Keyword Analysis is the first step to select some specific Search Query's for your site. For better conversion and Make best engagement of clients, Keyword is the first important part.

On page & Off page optimization will planned and executed though the keyword research.

When people search with the unique query to google or other search engines. they will find your site at better position.

On page optimization is internal code structure of your site. It will help you to make your site fast loading and user friendly to your visitor and search engines crawler. Crawler is a software like robot, it always keep visiting your site and index your data to the container of search engine. We can compare it with interior decoration of an store.

Off page is the marketing tricks to reach your site and page links to clients. Such as advertising, social posting, article posting, commenting with your link to inform search engine the importance of your site. 

We just need to know your business policy. About your Products or Services to start our work of making your site raking highly. Our team is always ready to receive and make a project successful.

Web researcher says that, people finds most of the website via search engine. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, AOL etc are popular search engines which are the first choice of users to find any service easily

Only SEO allowing you to choose visitors, who should come to your site. Keyword is the key to become high raking of an specific search query's and generate high conversion.

SEO Friendly web design will help your site to become good position to the view of search engines. Using minified version of scripts will load your site super fast and easy to move from one page to another.

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